Kitsune App

challenge —

To create a product that allows users to track their daily commute, while focusing on understanding health and fitness trends that arise through alternative transportation.

Kitsune App Angled Device Mockup

Using the app is as simple as connecting to the board and syncing a recent trip.

Through the Kitsune app you are able to track your most used routes, trip efficiency, and fitness. The smartwatch capability allows for ease of use while riding; providing the user with visualized trip information such as estimated arrival time, current trip location, and ride statistics.

Kitsune App Board Sycing photo

app functionality —

While the board can stand as a product on its own, the true value comes out of the synchronous use with the companion application. The Kitsune App allows users to gain multiple different improvements to their daily commute. Three key features create the core experience of the Kitsune Board and App.

Travel Logs
A synchronised connection between the app and board allows users to record travel metrics after each trip. In doing so, the application will gather metrics from both the user and board to create an accurate travel history.

Smarter Trips
The more you use the board, the quicker it learns and creates smarter routes. Based on past trip data, the Kitsune App calculates which routes would be best in current travel conditions.

Health / Fitness
The app also focuses on health and fitness through goal based metrics. Allowing users to connect through their smartwatch gives them the ability to track in-depth health and fitness data such as heart rate and calories burned.

Kitsune App Smart Watch Mockup

collaboration —

In the past fews there has been a growing trend of sharing and socializing in the health and fitness community. Apps such as Nike+ Run Club and Strava allow users to create goals, track fitness statistics, with the added bonus of recording and sharing their experience with others.

In a sense, not only do these apps help with individual growth and improvement, but they allow users to find many individuals that are challenging themselves in the same way. Incorporating a sharing feature not only allows product awareness but also creates a connected network of user experiences and growth.

research conclusion —

When looking towards the future, I wanted to explore new possibilities in human commuting behaviour that are rarely reviewed. By identifying pain points, I sought to improve upon congested areas of a user’s commute. These primarily being between transit systems where the user finds themselves walking for five to ten minutes to meet their transfer. Finding solutions to these pain points allowed me to solve the problems as a whole.

Tom Kelley

Noticing that something is broken is an essential prerequisite for coming up with a creative solution to fix it.

initial sketches —

I began by wireframing on paper to get a general sense of app’s flow. This allowed me to map out the user flow on a high level, and then go in with more detail for individual features.

Kitsune Board Grip Close Up
Kitsune Board Grip Close Up
Kitsune Board Grip Close Up
Kitsune Board Grip Close Up

The App and Board communicate through installed NFC hardware
in the body of the board.

Kitsune App Technical Drawing (Folding)

wireframes —

Through the initial sketches I identified 5 key screens that act as entry points for the many sub level screens: Login, a Dashboard, Route Navigation, an Account, and a Ride Analytic page.

Kitsune Wireframe 1&2
Kitsune Wireframe 3&4
Kitsune App Smart Watch Mockup

learning outcome —

This product helped to strengthen my overall design process by allowing me to complete more focused user journeys & user research, resulting in key pain-points that I was then able to build into featured solutions.

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