the challenge —

To create a more cohesive, multi-product experience for an evolving userbase while launching new products that push the boundaries of traditional education.

Kitsune App Board Sycing photo

overview —

As BrainStation continues to grow and evolve as an industry leader in career changing education, so too does the online experience. During my time at Konrad Group, alongside two other designers, we worked to help further solidify the overall BrainStation brand, both visually and from a user experience perspective.

This execution was implemented on both core products: the public-facing marketing site and the student-facing Synapse Learning Portal.

BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup
BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup
BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup

Custom city illustrations were created to identify BrainStation's multiple global campuses.

Kitsune App Technical Drawing (Folding)

checkout flow —

The checkout flow is one of the most important parts of the BrainStation product. Not only does it allow students to commit to furthering their education, but it also helps them find a campus, course time, and payment plan catered to them.

The previous BrainStation flow was a two-step process; one screen indicating all the details in a list format and and the second, confirming their payment. Through user research this was found to be quite intimidating to many users, as the cost break down / summary view was an information overload.

The updated flow changed this, allowing a user to walk through a step-by-step experience creating a customized course as they went along. While they still had a summary view before final payment, the initial screens help ensure they are on the right track for success.

BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup
Kitsune App Board Sycing photo

student-facing portal —

Alongside the marketing site, the Synapse Learning Portal gives students access to a full suite of education tools, including project briefs, weekly lessons, online lectures, attendance, project submission, and more.

The platform encourages student engagement, overall course participation and communication; both student to student and student to educator.

BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup
BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup

This main site rebrand was also applied to the newly relaunched technology blog.

BrainStation Checkout Flow Mobile Mockup
Article illustrations by Zach Monteiro

learning outcome —

Understanding how past, present, and future user experiences help shape the product and how to update the branding, product, and messaging to adapt to an evolving user base.

The Kitsune app allows access to alternative transportation and pairing with an IoT skateboard.

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